Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank You Skip

It is very dark here, but almost shining with lights of those who consider themselves Palestinians. Palestinian in thoughts, in their hard believes of Justice and Freedom.

Certainly Skip is one of these candles that give Gaza the hope of new future. Skip Schiel (a photographer, writer, and political activist as he told on his Blog) ending his 3rd visit to palestinian territory taking photos of real life in Palestine for several purposes.. He is a very respectful man, very curious and he has a perspicacious eyes that accept nothing but the true.

Gaza city, from the heart of gloominess of the modern world give a special and warming thank to Skip ,who is on his way home in these moments, Let (God) be with you, and we say:
Don't forget us Skip because we won't. and we are looking to see you next time in (Gaza) in better conditions.
Your friends from Gaza
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المنفي said...

لعنة الفلسطيني هي عدم قبوله لنفسه وليس عدم قبوله للآخر كما يتهم كل حزب نقيضه

العالم يعج بمناصرين فلسطيننا ونحن على استعداد كامل لقبولهم رغم انهم لا يدينون بديننا ورغم اننا ندعي بأن الله منحنا وكالة الاسلام الحصرية

المصور سكيب احد هؤلاء المناصرين وغيرهم الكثير،اتذكر هنا المرحومة راشيل كوري
سعيد بمعرفتك اخ ضاوي

اخوك المنفي/نوستالجيا